9 For Spine Videos Just Released

9-for-spine-back-to-basics-videoExciting news…”9 For Spine” videos just released! I must give two thumbs up to the North American Spine Society (NASS) for the new release of the “9 For Spine” videos. These videos are brief yet informative as well as humorous yet helpful. The full 9 tips are covered in a less than 4 minute video which I’m featuring here (for the individual videos which are about 30 seconds each, please visit the NASS site. The video is a perfect reminder of all that we need to do to combat back pain in most cases. Everyone who suffers from back pain should view the video. And those of you out there who would like some tips on how to prevent back pain will be certainly be pleased as well. I’m very impressed and hope that you will be too.

Let’s Examine These 9 Tips…

1) Get Regular Exercise – It should come as no surprise that rest and relaxation are no longer believed to be useful in healing back pain beyond 2-3 days after an injury.  Stretching, strengthening and low-impact aerobics are what most professionals prescribe these days.

2) Don’t Smoke – This seems to be a much more recent revelation by back care specialists.  Even though the relationship between smoking and back pain deserves further research, it stands to reason that smoking would likely impact blood flow, bone growth and the healing process.

3) Maintain A Healthy Body Weight – Again despite correlating evidence, it is widely believed by the medical profession that if you have back pain and need to lose weight, it is important to do so.  Of course, people who are not overweight frequently suffer back pain episodes but you can bet they’re able to cope and heal a lot better than those who are overweight.

4) Keep Your Core Strength – And guess what…these exercises are no longer focused on just the abdominal area.  It has now been expanded to include strengthening around the hips, sides and back as well.  If you’re game, check out my review of The End Of Back Pain!

5) Use Proper Body Mechanics – While the video focuses on lifting, don’t forget that other common movements such as bending down or reaching above your head require a proper technique as well.

6) Have Good Posture – Proper posture continues to be a major factor in the elimination of back pain episodes especially since we’ve become such a sedentary society spending a vast majority of time sitting in front of a computer.

7) Reduce Stress – Oh what a vicious circle!  Stress and anxiety can not only cause back pain but when we’re suffering, we become even more stressed and anxious.  This cycle severely diminishes our ability to cope with the episode.

8) Keep Healthy, Strong Bones – Here the video point outs the importance of vitamins and nutrients in saying goodbye to back pain.  In fact, Vitamin D levels are one of the most important factors to check if you’re dealing with chronic back pain.

9) Don’t Be A Weekend Warrior – This suggestion stems directly from our tendency to focus on work all week and then try to accomplish way too much on the weekends.  Spreading out our activities and chores can be very helpful in preventing back strains and injuries.

Yes, I know that dealing with back pain is a complex problem but, in reality, the solutions are quite simple most of the time.  Please, please, please share this post in whatever ways you can.  Fighting with chronic pain is an exhausting and self-defeating experience!

I welcome your comments or questions.

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  1. Debbie
    Debbie August 25, 2014 at 4:31 pm | | Reply

    Some really useful tips and advice. I have just started suffering from back pain for no apparent reason so I will work through these 9 tips before I think about seeking any medical advice.

  2. Ian
    Ian August 25, 2014 at 5:34 pm | | Reply

    Very interesting site, especially considering my condition. Good stuff

  3. bernie
    bernie August 25, 2014 at 6:28 pm | | Reply

    I was in bodybuilding for quite a long time now, and agree with your article. The correctness of posture when doing lifting, needs to be taken seriously. I have my own experience of having a back injury by doing not correct technique when squatting, so I fully understand what the pain is.

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