Digital Spine Analysis

A NewspaperIn recent news is the use of a spine function test called Digital Spine Analysis (DSA) at the Qi Spine Clinic in India.  The diagnostic test generates a graph that may assist in developing individualized treatments plans. 

At the very least, some attempt is being made to help measure back pain in patients as MRI’s and X-rays do not always identify the underlying cause of pain.  In fact, many back care specialists report those traditional tests quite unreliable as I’ve learned through my research for this site.

What’s The Test All About?

♦ Consists of a completely non-invasive, computerized method to record strength and mobility of the spine.

♦ Uses five different devices (that look like exercise equipment except they’re motorized) to digitally monitor various aspects of the individuals spine functionality.

♦ The result is a comprehensive report and graph that details flexibility, muscle strength and any imbalances (right and left) of each patient.

♦ The benefits of such findings can assist the back care specialist in not only identifying the patient-specific issue(s) but also, more importantly, to create a customized treatment plan.

♦ The analysis is intended to help find non-surgical treatment options.

♦ The Qi Spine Clinic has been using the technology for the past three years and the analysis appears to be widely accepted in Europe as well.  Further the clinic claims to have effectively treated over 3000 patients without any surgery referrals.

Is it just me or does this sound promising to you as well?  Unfortunately, I don’t know why we don’t have the actual or similar technology available right here the USA.  Hopefully, we’ll catch-up soon. 

I’ll have to keep a watch on additional news and update this post accordingly as it’s unclear why the recent interest at this point.  You can view a couple of videos at the clinic here for further information.

The beauty of the worldwide web is that this post may reach some of you who might have had the test done.  If so, please share your experience in the comments section.  All other questions and comments gladly accepted as well.

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