End Back Pain Forever Book Review

The Basics

End Back Pain Forever
  1) To be a revolutionary guide that covers the many causes of back pain and provide the necessary steps to eliminate it.  2) To demonstrate how current treatments and tests are ineffective. 3) To provide 21 exercises that are easy to do and will heal your suffering forever.

Full Title: End Back Pain Forever: A Groundbreaking Approach to Eliminate Your Suffering

Author:  Norman J. Marcus, MD

The Review

Let me begin by pointing out that my reviews are done from a patient perspective.  By that I mean, as a patient trying to help patients like you and me, I’m reviewing back pain books mainly from applicability standpoint.  I am trying to answer questions like: Can it help at least some of us? And how so?  Is it easy to follow? Can I do the exercises?  Basically, I’m trying to see if a patient like myself, who has more back issues than you can shake a stick at, would benefit from the book so that you can determine if it might be useful to you.

This book does have good, solid information that is consistent in what I’ve read in other books and what I’ve learned from countless visits to various back care specialists.  I do not question the knowledge of the author.  However, the majority of the book reads like a textbook which I felt was very unfortunate.  When we’re in pain (or trying to prevent pain) and need to get back to (or maintain) our regularly scheduled lives, we need clear yet concise information.  It was too difficult to determine if the book lived up to it’s claims with the exception of the exercises.

The highlights of the book are Chapters 10 and 11 which cover the 21 Kraus-Marcus exercises designed for low back pain and several exercises for the upper back, neck, shoulders, etc.  respectively.  Although in black and white, the instructions and illustrations are more detailed and thereby more helpful than I’ve seen in many other books.  Not necessarily new exercises to me but there were a couple of variations that I’ve put to good use.

The Pros

  • Great descriptions and demonstrations of the exercises.
  • Definitely written by a distinguished back care doctor who clearly understands pain.
  • Thorough and complete information.

The Cons

  • Textbook style.
  • Unable to clearly identify the “groundbreaking approach”.
  • Much of the material is covered in easier to read formats. Read my review on The 7 Minute Back Pain Solution, for example.

The Verdict:  It’s Not My Favorite

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