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How To Choose A Cane

Walking CanesWhen choosing the right cane to help with balance and mobility issues related to back pain, there’s really only a few things to consider. The most important thing you’ll need to know is how much actual support, if any (assuming you would be using it for back pain walking assistance), you’ll need based on your particular condition. Of course, your back care professional can provide appropriate recommendations.

Once the level of support is known, you be able to choose from a single straight cane for light support or a broad-based cane (tri-tip or quad) for extra support. In most cases, your remaining choices of features will be a matter of personal preference. For a straight cane (folding or not), you’ll be able to choose: the material (wood, composites or metal); the handle (crook, T-handle, foam grip or Fritz which was designed for arthritis suffers); and the design pattern or color. Multiple leg canes are generally fashioned in a lightweight metal with an ergonomic grip.

Regardless of your ultimate selection, however, please ensure: that the cane length is appropriate for your height (many canes are adjustable nowadays); that you are able to grip the handle comfortably and safely; and that you always use the cane properly to prevent further injuries and stress on your joints. For more information, check out my blog Proper Use Of A Cane For Back Pain.

Featured Walking Canes

Hey now, a pretty pink flower print might make you feel just a little bit better about using a cane! The Nova Ortho Med 1070PG Offset Cane- Pink Garden Print, Pink Flowers is fashionable as well as functional. Features include a lightweight aluminum adjustable frame, soft foam grip and carrying strap.

Try the Ez2care Adjustable Folding Cane with Carrying Case, Black for a classic look and convenient style. It’s adjustable and folds for easy storage in the included black canvas bag. The anodized aluminum body is extremely sturdy yet lightweight. The ergonomic handle is comfortable yet durable.


The Unisex Round Nose Crook Cane Tan -Affordable Gift! Item #DHAR-9003206 is super high-quality and very stylish. Comfortable and classic crook handle will support persons up to 250lbs. It’s real wood too! Keep in mind, though, it’s not adjustable – 36 inches would be the height fit.

Best selection by far for a quad cane is the Hugo Mobility Quadpod Offset Cane with Ultra Stable Cane Tip, Ebony. Nearly endless features include adjustability for 12 height settings, lightweight and extremely sturdy anodized aluminum shaft, ergonomic handle with shock-absorbing comfort grip, and reflective safety strap. Plus it’s designed to not only be highly stable but to also stand on it’s own.


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