Most Helpful Back Pain Gadgets

Many of our natural movements like bending, crouching, stooping, reaching and twisting can all wreak havoc on our backs. Improper support while sleeping or for our foot arches have also been blamed for chronic back pain. Carrying heavy purses, cases or bags and not using backpacks properly can be culprits of backache woes as well.

Luckily, there are many back-friendly gadgets to help us with these everyday movements. With minimal effort, you can find products that you can use for everything from tools to help you put your socks on, to pick-up items off the floor, leg support pillows, to swivel out of the car, to get in and out of the shower and even to electronically stimulate your abdominal muscles. Not every gadget will work for everyone, of course, but at least there’s hope.

Most Helpful Back Pain Gadgets

Please get the Ettore 49036 Grip ‘n Grab if you don’t already have one whether your back gives you trouble or not. I simply cannot live without mine. A best seller at, it will help you pick up or reach anything on the floor or above your head with ease. Features include rubberized jaw handles to assist with even small items in the most obscure places, a comfort grip as well as a rotating head. It’s truly a must-have for any home. It’s even rust-proof if you would like to use it or leave it outside.

I like the Contour Cool Leg Pillow, White for relief of lower back, hip and knee pain at night. Some of these very helpful pillows, unfortunately, can disrupt your sleep sometimes because the memory foam might make you hot. Not this one…it has an cool outer gel foam to keep you comfortable all night. Perfect for us side sleepers as it is designed to stabilize our hips and pelvis. It’s also designed to stay put and not interfere with your coveted covers! (Related Blog:  Best Sleep Positions For Back Pain)

Stop bending to the floor and carrying bulking, heavy laundry around. Try the Brylanehome Lightweight Laundry Cart instead. It’s very easy to assemble, lightweight and I use mine every time I do laundry. It’s not only a back saver but a time saver as well. Rolling laundry carts can sometimes be unnecessarily “fancy” and thereby very expensive. This rolling laundry cart not only serves its purpose but is also reasonably priced.

Holding up to 300 lbs with a rotating 360 ° swivel, the Duro-Med Deluxe Swivel Seat Cushion, Grey can truly help get you in and out of the car or up and down out of a chair. The flexible slip-resistant base and comfort cushion are designed to prevent back pain and hip strain.

One of the most dangerous daily activities for back pain victims is getting in and out of the shower. Although a smooth surface or minimum 4″ tiles are required for use the Bath and Shower Handle Grip Safety Support with Secure Suction Mounts may be your answer for ultimate safety. Features incredibly strong suction cups and extremely easy installation with locking flip tabs.

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