Prevent Back Pain From Sitting Too Long

Back Pain When Sitting DeskIs your back just killing you after you’ve been sitting for a while?  If you answered yes, then you probably work a desk job like most of us. The problem of back pain when sitting is very basic but can be a nagging annoyance for just about anyone. It can be the primary culprit of your discomfort and can certainly worsen the suffering for those of us with existing back problems.

Now I know you want to blame the cheap rolling chair you spend most of your life in. After all, there are many benefits to ergonomic chairs and related products. The problem with sitting, however, is mostly in the sitting itself. You are trapped in a static or immobile position quickly resulting in improper posture (aka slouching).

3 Tips To Prevent Back Pain When Sitting

Proper Workplace Sitting Posture

  1. Sit Up Straight – Both feet flat on the ground, bottom all the way in the seat, spine against the back of the chair, thighs parallel to the floor.
  2. Get Up Often – Walk or at least move around at your desk for several minutes every 20-30 minutes.
  3. Workspace Central - Computer monitor should be at or slightly below eye level. Keyboard and mouse should be accessible with relaxed shoulders and bent elbows. You should be able to reach all other needed equipment and supplies without stretching, twisting or bending.

You might be interested in my Stretching Book Review.  The book has a whole section on what to do to keep your back limber and pain-free in the office.

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