Recommended Back Pain Massagers

Types of At Home Massagers

Needless to say, there are many choices out there in the world of self-care massagers. There are massage mats, racks and even balls that you can simply roll around on. Hand-held devices, electric or manual, are often times easier to use if you have a helper. Many trigger point massagers are designed for self use. Then you’ve got massage pillows, cushions and chairs (now, you’re getting very pricey though) which are all simple enough to use while just relaxing. Quite a few of the choices can come with a heat option as well. So, which is the best massager for back pain? As with all treatments for back pain, that answer lies with you. While your back care specialist may have some recommendations, the only way to truly know if and which massager will help with your back pain is by trial and error. I have a keep it simple (and inexpensive) philosophy so I hand-selected some excellent choices for you to consider.

Recommended Choices For Back Pain Massagers

For the ultimate in trigger point therapy, try the Body Back Buddy. It has 11 therapy knobs and is designed for anyone to use easily on their own. It’s 25″ in length, strong and lightweight. There are similar “S” hook massagers on the market but this one includes the instruction booklet. It can be used to treat back pain, aches and pains all over, muscle tension and even fibromyalgia.

My top pick for a pillow back massager is the Comfort Products Swing Shiatsu Massager with Heat. You can choose to use either the swing angular side to side massage or shiatsu circular technique with or without heat. It also has a larger surface and four kneading heads to cover more of your back at once which makes the relaxation time worthwhile.

Top-rated Nayoya Acupressure Mat for Back Pain Relief can relieve back pain immediately! It’s lightweight, portable and super easy to use. Designed to improve circulation and release endorphins, it offers help to relieve stress and pain not only in your back but also in your hips, neck and shoulders.

 Zyllion ZMA-16 Handheld Therapeutic Percussion Massager with Heat is a great choice for muscle relaxation. It features soothing infrared heat, three massage head choices and ergonomic comfort handle. The intensity can be adjusted easily to suit your needs. Deep percussion massages, especially at home, are so delightful!

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Let me know if there is a massager you would like me to consider recommending!

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