Stretching Book Review

The Basics

Stretching Book ReviewClaims:  1) To be the stretching book recommended by trainers, doctors and friends. 2) To provide useful routines for many types of individuals and activities. 3)To be a new and improved edition with updated information, two-color drawings and an office stretching section.

Full Title:  Stretching: 30th Anniversary Edition

Author:  Bob Anderson; Illustrated By:  Jean Anderson

The Review

Let me start off by saying, this is simply the best stretching book ever whether you need relief from back pain or not!  So, I do believe this is the book that would get recommended time after time.  I have been familiar with this book for a long time since I worked many years in management at a national (hint: the only remaining) book store chain and I have to say the improved drawings sure do make a difference.  It’s much easier to follow along.

This book is packed with actual stretches.  In fact, you’ll be amazed at the very beneficial number of ways to stretch your body. There is some very informative written dialogue but Mr. Anderson has kept it short and sweet.  After all, what we really want is to feel better as soon as possible even though healing takes time.  It’s broken down into various sections including the basic stretches, everyday activity routines and stretching for every sport imaginable from aerobics to cycling to hiking to martial arts to rock climbing to skiing to swimming to tennis to volleyball and many more.   Really, it’s got it all.

The edition of the office fitness section is fabulous.  Sitting at a computer everyday, all day is one of the major causes of back problems today.  It covers a variety of stretches for everywhere you would be in an office including at the copier, in a meeting, when you’re on the phone and using your computer.  All of the routines can be incorporated throughout the day and will only cost you a handful of minutes.  Some are even done while you’re doing something else so no extra time is taken out of your busy schedule!

The Pros
  • Very well illustrated and easy to follow. It’s a guided tour, so to speak, that can get you stretching right away.
  • Clearly diagramed routines for everyone and many, many activities.  All routines can be done in just a few minutes.
  • Even if you think you know how to stretch, this book will teach you something new.
The Cons
  • Even though the book contains 4 specific sections that will help with back pain (and tons of other stretches for your whole body), it’s not specifically devoted to the matter.  Please check with your back care provider as necessary.
  • There are a few very advanced stretches in the book so you’ll want to know your limits.  The author does do a great job of pointing these out, however.
The Verdict:  It’s Great For Everyone!

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