The Back Bible Book Review

 The Basics

The Back BibleClaims:  1) To be the most complete and current resource for acute and chronic back pain issues. 2) To provide proven and practical treatment approaches. 3) To provide advice on both modern and traditional treatment methods.

Full Title:  The Back Bible: Banish Back Pain Naturally

Author:  Dr. Jenny Sutcliffe

The Review

Of course I’m impressed by this very easy to read yet comprehensive book from Reader’s Digest.   Even though it’s a 200+ page book, it has that colorful magazine structure (short paragraphs, diagrams, text boxes, etc.) and the exercise illustrations are outstanding.  The first two chapters cover the basics and common conditions that generally affect the entire back.  Chapter 3 is devoted neck and shoulder issues and includes many directly relevant exercises. 

The next chapter is designed the same but focuses on the middle and lower back conditions.  It is my new best friend as I really appreciate the issue-specific stretches and exercises!  My world often revolves around my lower back pain and this section provided essential details related to tissue injuries, muscle, spine and joint issues as well sciatic nerve problems.  There’s more information here than I’ve gained from years of going to various specialists.  In addition, it covers the best lower back stretches and exercises.  I even picked-up a few new ones to add to my routine.

As if that wasn’t enough, the final two chapters are the most informative. Chapter 5 deals with prevention and keeping your back healthy with proper posture, avoiding strain, weight-loss and relaxation.  It also contains several flexibility, movement and strength exercises. The final chapter is all about treatment methods including chiropractic, physical therapy, osteopathic specialty, massage therapy, Pilates and yoga (both with exercises), acupuncture, Shiatsu, drug therapy and even surgery.  Dr. Sutcliffe has truly managed to provide an all-in-one reference book for back pain sufferers of all kinds.

The Pros

  • All-In-One Reference for a wide-variety of acute and chronic conditions.
  • Easy to read and use – intended for anyone and everyone.
  • Detailed, well-illustrated information and treatment options.

The Cons

  • Since the book is so comprehensive, there will likely be sections that do not pertain to you.
  • I found myself using the book like a magazine flipping back and forth to what interested me at the moment.  It’s not a book that you’ll simply sit and read from start to finish.
  • There’s always risks associated with self-treatment books, but usually only if you don’t check with your doctor first.

The Verdict:  Highly Recommended

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