The End Of Back Pain Book Review

The Claims

1) To provide innovative strengthening exercises that focus on the hidden core muscles. 

2) To clearly show the importance of healing both the brain and spine to achieve optimum results.

3) To be a treatment program designed to relieve and manage back pain.

The Basics

Full Title: The End of Back Pain: Access Your Hidden Core to Heal Your Body

Author: Patrick A. Roth, M.D.

Overall Rating:  89/100 Points = Recommended

The Review

Well, to begin, this book contains a wealth of information on the brain-body connection, core muscle conditioning, pain management and self-diagnosis guidance.  Dr. Roth begins with describing how he discovered the hidden core solution which details his very own experience as well as those he’s treated for many years as a neurosurgeon.  It’s quite interesting how his theory developed over time.

Moving right along, Dr. Roth explains how and why to fix both the brain and spine simultaneously.  He uses hidden truths, core concepts, his “prescriptions” and even philosophy throughout the book to drive home the learning experience.  This first chapter also dispels the notion that back pain can be permanently cured.  I am very impressed that Dr. Roth understands that we can effectively but only reduce the pain, intensity and frequency of future episodes in most cases.

Highlights of the next two chapters include a hearty description of pain as well as an in-depth look at the back muscles.  Dr. Roth breaks down the inner and outer muscles that the program focuses on strengthening to build a natural “brace” around the abdomen and back.  This program involves much more than abdominal crunches.

And now comes the heart of the book, the hidden core workout.  Exercises are fully detailed and well-illustrated.  The routine is formulated to build out over a six-week period and then continue on.  The workout incorporates some exercises using a kettlebell and a fitness ball.  Dr. Roth also includes suggestions for warm-up, cool down and stretching to be done after the strengthening.  The book is finished out with a few additional chapters of advanced information including the self-diagnosis guide as well as non-surgical and surgical treatments options for back pain.

The Pros

  • Unique approach designed to treat both body and brain.
  • Goes several steps further than the “others” in an effort to strengthen the full core muscles.
  • Complete exercise guide and build-up approach to lessen likelihood of beginner pain overload.

The Cons

  • Concepts are advanced so it’s not a scan and go read.
  • Additional equipment (although likely beneficial in the long-run) is required.
  • Ability to hold body weight as well as getting up and down off the floor is necessary.

The Rating

Factor Rates Points Earned Notes, if any
Legitimacy Whether an adequate attempt has been made to justify the claims. 20/20 Claims clearly addressed.
Reliabiliy If the author demonstrates expertise to provide the information. 20/20 Well-established medical professional.
Usefulness Reasonable belief that the information may be helpful. 18/20 Easy to do exercises but a few might struggle with the physical requirements.
Reader Friendliness The writing, illustrations and general design of the material. 13/20 Great information but extensive chapters and advanced concepts.
Overall Value Selling price relevant to what is provided. 18/20 Book price is fine.  Additional cost for the kettlebell and fitness ball.
Overall Rating: 89/100 Points (Recommended)

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