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Come closer, I want to tell you something: Back Pain Books and More is a new, patient to patient site dedicated to helping you live a back pain free lifestyle, finally! Maybe you have chronic condition(s) such as myself or maybe you simply suffer from mild (yet annoying)backaches from time to time or maybe you’re somewhere in between. Regardless of your pain level, age, weight, height or eye color for that matter, you can find real and simple solutions here. It’s for one and for all alike.

Managing Back Pain At Home

Books can be very simple and inexpensive resources to help you treat, heal and prevent back pain at home. In fact, back pain books cover all the most-widely recommended actions such as: start a stretching regimen, strengthen your core muscles, begin a low-impact exercise routine, reduce stress and tension, improve your posture, and lose weight, if needed.

Most books on the subject focus on natural remedies to manage back pain rather than using medications or having surgery which is a definite plus. Books are available that highlight a single topic or are designed for a more comprehensive approach. Typically, they are written and illustrated for use by anyone although you should always check with your medical professional for guidance.

A whole host of self-care products from ice packs to massagers to pillows to walkers are also available to help us get some much needed back pain relief. These often do not hit your wallet too hard either, especially when you consider the potential medical care and time-off work costs associated with the agony of back pain. Again, these are generally designed for everyone to use but will also warn you, appropriately, to check with your doctor.

To Ease Your Mind

Honesty is the only sales pitch here. All book reviews, any featured products and information in the blog posts are always currently and thoroughly researched first-hand. For example, I will have actually read the book and tried to put it to practical use. All purchasing links will lead you to only trusted and well-established sites.

Since it takes time to do the right thing, please feel free to spend as much time visiting as you would like today but check back often as I actively work to update the site. Your comments, suggestions, thoughts, review/article requests and questions are always encouraged and welcomed. I, truly, am here to help and will respond to each and every one as soon as possible. So once again, welcome to Back Pain Books and More!

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